Feb 6 2018

Survivor Says Accident Lead Him To The Lord

See the segment that CN2 did on Cecil and the young man who was critically injured in the automobile accident with Cecil a few years ago.


Oct 24 2017


Exodus 20:17

The first nine Commandments deal with things we should not do, or the things we should do, & things to avoid, but the tenth commandments deals with the heart.

The sinful nature that we are born with since the fall in the Garden of Eden causes us to be sinful. Even the youngest children learn to say “that’s mind”. Material riches are never enough. Ernest Hemingway was the leading author of his time but he could never find peace and contentment. He committed suicide. J. Paul Getty was the richest man in the world, but he could never have peace. He was married five times.

The word covets means to long for or desire something that belongs to someone else. That can be anything or anybody. Material things will never give the “Peace that passes all understanding”. Instead we need o wake up each day with and attitude of thankfulness, and because God has blessed us, we need to be looking for ways to share our things and our time. This means first to God and then to our fellow man. God doesn’t need our donations. He already owns everything, but He allows us to be blessed by giving.

When we look around at how God has blessed others we should be happy for them. We can never control the desire to covet until we have opened our heart to accept Jesus as our Savior.

When we have Jesus we don’t need to covet because we have everything we need.

Let’s learn to be satisfied and enjoy that peace.

Sep 7 2017


John 15:12

            Jesus had led a little band of followers around for about three years.  He had taught them the Old Testament scriptures.  They had been all over Israel and into Jerusalem several times.  Now they are going into Jerusalem for Jesus last time He was reviewing them of the commandments and teachings of the past three years, much like a final exam.  But before He finished He gave them one more commandment, “that you love one another”.   What exactly does that mean?  John had a lot to say about love, but Paul had to break it down for the people of Corinth and Ephesus. (And us)  A modern version of 1 Corinthians 13:5 says “love hardly even notices when others do it wrong”.  Paul wrote in Romans that Christians should “submit to one another”.  And in another place that we should pray for one another.  Sometime we hear people say “We will forgive he or she as soon as they repent”, but that is not the way the scripture outlines it for us.  We are to love without regard to the other person’s action.  Our example is what Jesus did for us.  He gave up His life on the cross for our sins, before we ever accepted Him.

            Christian love in a congregation gives unity.  With unity we can do the work God wants us to do.

            Without love we cannot have unity and we cannot do God’s work.

May 24 2017


          We are living in a time when God’s plan for a family is challenged on every side.  We waste so much time on something that doesn’t even make sense.  It was the plan that our creator devised to generate the earth, not only for humans but for the animal world as well.

          In the l980’s a large nature preserve in Africa was being over populated with elephants.  The managers decided to take three hundred of the young elephants away from their parents and move them to another preserve that didn’t have many elephants.  They were big enough that they had no enemies.  The preserve managers thought that the elephants would get along fine with the rhinos.

          After a few months they were surprised to find dead rhinos.  They set up a camera blind at a watering hole and were completely surprised at their findings.  The orphaned elephants had created gangs that attacked and killed the rhinos, completely against their nature.  Without parental guidance, the young elephants had made up their own rules.

          I believe a similar situation threatens our children in today’s society.  A father and mother are important.  That parental guidance is essential in a young person’s development and growth.

          Our church works with a tall African-American man from southern South Carolina. He went to Bible College in Texas where he learned Spanish and met his wife.  They moved to Central America where he and his wife now work with the street children in the capital city of Honduras.  There are many orphaned children in the big city, many who live in the doorways and vacant buildings of the city. Over the years, Alvin Anderson has shown the children that he is their friend and offers to help any of them who show that they truly want to change.  Some succeed but sadly, many have such a devastating addiction to drugs and involvement within the gang community that they go back to their former existence. Though, they still respect Poppy Alvin and he still shows them love.  Everywhere we go, whether it is the feeding centers, the detention centers or the dark city streets, the cry of Poppy Alvin was heard.  The reason these young people love Alvin so much is that he filled a basic need  in their lives.  God created the family unit in the Garden of Eden.  God’s model was a father leading the family with a mother as a help mate.  Neither role was more important than the other, but both are important in the growth of a well balanced child to adulthood.  If they don’t get the guidance at home they will look for it elsewhere, many times in gangs that give them the false sense of a cohesive family unit.

          Father you are needed, if our country is to get back on track.

Apr 25 2017


          When God created this universe He gave Adam a help mate because He knew Adam could not handle the problems of everyday life without a woman beside him.  Adam gave her the name Mother, because she was the mother to all living persons except him.  Any grown man who has tried to exist by himself, especially if he has children, knows the importance of a good help mate.

          The Bible is full of good examples of good and not so good mothers.  Of course we can start with Mary, the mother of Jesus.  She was told by an angel that she would have the son of God, even though she was a virgin.  Even though the Bible says she was “perplexed”, she never disobeyed God’s instructions. She was there as Jesus grew up, when He astounded the Scribes and Pharisees at age 12, when He left the family business at age 30 to begin a ministry that would change the world, and finally at His crucifixion, resurrection, and return to Heaven.

          Hannah was a childless woman until God answered her prayers for a baby boy.  She promised to take him to the temple to serve God.  The young boy, Samuel, picked Saul as the first King of Israel.

          Naomi was the mother-in-law to Ruth, but she did what God directed her to do in the life of Ruth.  There are many other examples in the Bible.

               I was in Honduras recently helping our friend, Alvin Anderson.  A gang member had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was living in a very small room.  The living quarters above one of Alvin’s feeding centers became available, so he moved his family of five (wife, 5 year, 3 year old on, and two month old daughter) up the mountain to the feeding center.  The young wife helped load the truck, then went back to clean the vacant room.  All the belongings for this family of five (fit on the back of a short bed Toyota pick-up truck, but they were happy because they knew God.

          Recently I talked with a young lady who was unhappy with life.  She and her husband had been married five or six years.  Her husband had worked himself up to be and assistant manager of a business.  They lived in a nice house and had a beautiful little boy about three years old. Yet, she was not content. I tried to tell her that the only true happy family has to have God at the center.  I don’t know if she heard me or not, but for the little boy’s sake, I pray that she did.

          Being a mother is not just giving birth, but taking her place in a family that desperately needs a family molded after God’s example of a man and woman working together under God’s directions.

Apr 12 2017

The Cross

  Why is the cross so important?

            To be crucified on the cross was a terrible way to die. When Roman soldiers took Jesus and two other men, who were convicted felons, they beat them with leather straps that had metal and pieces of bones imbedded in them. Then a crown of long, sharp thorns was placed on Jesus head. Then they made him drag his cross out of the city of Jerusalem, up the hill to a place called Golgotha. Jesus strength ran out NS He stumbled under the weight of the cross. An African man named Simon was close by when Jesus stumbled. He was ordered to carry the cargo the rest of the way. The crowd that had been mocking and calling Jesus names followed Him to Golgotha.

Jesus had lived out his life in human form for about 33 years. He had been a perfect example for us to follow. He endured through a crowd of admirers who shouted Hosanna and praises a few hours earlier to a howling mob screaming

“Crucify him”. He had fulfilled his human task, with one exception; He still faced that cruel cross. As he hung there taking all the signs of the world on His shoulders, He gave up his life. He had completed his task and his promise to his father.

            The crowd dwindled to just a few who were there when He took his last breath. Only one disciple is listed. Jesus instructed John to take care of Mary, his mother.

            If the story ended there it would be a sad tale, but thank the Lord the best was yet to come. When the woman went to the tomb they found out those amazing words, HE AROSE.

            That cross and that first Easter morning stand alone in a world of conflicting beliefs Because He lives we can live also, if we just appropriate John 3:3 and live for God instead of the world.

Jan 25 2017


When the Israelites were fleeing from Egypt with the army coming up behind them, GOD opened up the Red Sea and allowed them to cross on dry land. After the sea closed over the army and the Hebrews were safe on the other side, Moses sang a song, “The Lord is my Strength and song, and He has become my salvation”. (Exodus 15:2)

          Samson’s strength was in his hair until he was seduced by a woman.

          The Psalm writers spoke of strength from GOD often. “The Lord is my strength” (Psalms 28:7) “God will give us strength in time of trouble” (Psalms 37:39) “God is our refuge and strength” (Psalms 46:1) and there are others who acknowledge that our strength comes from GOD.

          Isaiah 40:28 & 29 says “Do you not know? Have you not heard? The everlasting GOD, the Lord, the creator of the ends of the earth does not weary or tire. His understanding is not weary or tire. His understanding is infinite, He gives strength to the weary and to him who lacks might He increases power”.

          The lesson to us as a church is that none of us has strength in all areas, but together our combined strength can make a strong cord working in harmony for the Lord.


Jan 25 2017


When we say we will love GOD with all our mind we are saying we will put God at the top of our priority list.

            Daniel prayed that Nebuchadnezzar’s mind would be changed to that of an animal that ate grass with the other beast of the field. (Daniel 4:16) GOD is willing and able to change our sinful minds, but we must submit to HIS will.

            After Jesus defeated death and had come back to be with the disciples, two of them were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus. As they walked along Jesus joined them. They didn’t recognize him because of their grief. Jesus expounded on the scriptures until they reached Emmaus. Then the scripture says “Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures” (Luke 24:45)

            He can do the same thing for us. The Bible can be hard to understand sometimes in our normal minds, but if we are sincere and prayerfully ask GOD to explain what we have read He is fateful to show us what it means to us.

            We have a lot of terrible things happening to our country today. Paul spoke about this to the Romans. “And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge GOD any longer, GOD gave them over to a depraved mind, to do things which are not proper.

            People today wonder why people have become so mean, but Paul understood it.

            We have taken GOD out of our schools, public places and basically out of our lives. Is there any wonder that minds are depraved.

Jan 25 2017


The soul is the most important part of the human existence. This element lives on after the death of the body, and will someday be reunited with a resurrected body to eternity.

          The Psalm writers had a lot to say about the soul.

          Psalm 16:10 David prayed to GOD and thanked Him that GOD would ‘ not abandon my soul in Sheol ‘.

          In the 23rd Psalm it states “He restores my soul”.

          Psalm 42:1 – The sons of Korah wrote “As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for you, O GOD.”

          And we sing David’s praise all that is within me, bless His holy name.

          And Peter warned about keeping away from sinful situations. The scripture tells us to flee from any appearance of evil.

          I Peter 2:11says “Beloved, I urge you as aliens and strangers to abstain from fleshly lusts which wage war against the soul”.

          The soul is our most important part of our human existence, and the only thing that will stay with us forever, so it is our number one priority to love GOD with all our soul.

Jan 25 2017


Genesis 8:21           

            The Bible definition of the word heart is “the mind or seat of emotions, a person’s moral being, a physical organ”.

            The Bible speaks of the intent of a man’s heart. What is the most important thing in your life? Hearts can be hardened. The more a person rejects or postpones the gospel the harder the heart becomes. That is the reason it is so important to work with our young people while they still have tender hearts. Their minds and hearts are going to be filled with either the world’s sinful views or the pure truth of the word of God.

            The Psalm writer talks about hiding the word of GOD in his heart. Are we storing away the word of GOD in our hearts?

            Proverbs talk about a joyful heart and a troubled heart. You can usually tell what is in a person’s heart by the expressions on their face. But in some cases the image on the face was set before the person became a member of GOD’S family. I know a man who had a hard, wrinkled, sad expression, but this person is beautiful inside because he accepted Jesus as his savior late in life.

            Jesus told us not to fear anything in this world because “greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world.

            Sometimes we hear people refuse a job in the church because they are “burned out”. Galatians tells us not to grow weary in doinggood. GOD will give us the strength.

            When we love GOD with all our heart it means we are 100% committed to him.